Breakfast Gift Box

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Freshly Baked Bread

A delicious bread that has been baked same day at Spring Restaurant. 

Postcard Tea

A new kind of Assam: our teas from the Nath family were the first Assam teas available in Europe to be grown by small farmers who also process their own leaves rather than selling them on to larger plantations.

Seasonal Jam 

Made with the first of the seasons fruit or berries this is a beautiful, luscious jam that is made with a lower than normal sugar content which allows the natural honeyed tartness.


The freshest little eggs possible from the chickens that roam free around the orchards at Heckfield Place.

 6 eggs


Organic, Unhomogenised Guernsey butter, shaped by hand into 250g blocks.

Proper butter, sweet tasting and wholesome. Fresh from the farm to our shop.


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