Coppa, Finnochiona and San Daniele

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A trio of sliced ham.

San Daniele Ham

San Daniele is a little mountain village in the Friuli Province. This ham is sweet and lean, it will melt in your mouth and is only made from young Italian pigs. 


Massimo Corra makes our coppa in the Val di Non. He first rubs it with cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and star anise and then smokes it. Traditionally smoke was used as a preservative but today smoking is primarily about capturing the aromatic potential of wood - rather than the 'smoked' flavour that can taste so processed. The wood Massimo burns is like an ingredient and his choice of species is completely personal. He uses chestnut and beech, sometimes cherry or hazel but always with juniper berries added for their aromatic pungency. Try it on a salumi board or wrapped around radicchio and slowly baked with a dot of butter and a handful of Parmesan on the top.

Made in Trentino.


The classic tuscan slicing salami from Carlo Pieri. It is seasoned with fennel seeds and fennel pollen that are picked by his mum and it is always our best selling salami. Fennel became the herb of choice in Tuscany when black pepper was too expensive to add to a meat cure. Today wild fennel grows like a weed across the region and is used to season a swathe of Tuscan dishes. The pollen is not used so often but gives a sweet, curry-like intensity to the flavour of Carlo's tuscan classic. 

We love it with dressed cannellini beans and served with a green salad

Made In Tuscany.

You will receive 8 slices of each ham

All of our hams are from the Ham and Cheese Company.

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