Yimu Oolong Tea, 50g

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A  rolled green oolong from Ming Jian, a well known tea town in Nantou County. It comes from Mr. and Mrs. Hsieh’s tiny 1 acre tea farm giving the tea its name (Yi Mu roughly means ‘one acre’ in Mandarin).

This is a lovely example of an everyday, lightly oxidised Si Ji Chun (Four Seasons) oolong. Its light, floral aroma and vanilla sweetness make this a ideal place to start for people new to oolong, especially for those who enjoy the delicate flavour of green tea but can find it too grassy or vegetal.

Brew with boiled water that has been allowed to cool for several minutes and a teaspoon per cup. It can be brewed for several infusions.


Hsieh Family Tea Farm Ming Jian, Nantou, Taiwan


1 acre


Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Si Ji Chun cultivar. Very low charcoal roast. Harvested Spring 2019.


90-95°C, 5-6g per 150ml. Wash briefly, 5-6 infusions.

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