Double Clay Refining Mask

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A firming, warming, mineral rich face mask with advanced actives to mimic the effects of a facial. This unique formula combines our clinically proven cell matrix complex, renowned hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and cleansing clays to leave the complexion clear, revitalised and radiant. We call it simply ‘a facial in a jar’!                                                                                                     

HOW IT WORKS - A multi benefit mask which firstly deeply cleanses thanks to the mineral rich clays which instantly brighten, dissolves impurities and purify. Whilst warming the skin, the actives are able to work at a cellular level and thanks to the circulation
being increased the skin is infused with oxygen and nutrients which in turn brings radiance and luminosity. The skin feels firmer and smoother thanks to our cell matrix complex which enhances skin strength and structure for a more youthful complexion. The formula also includes the moisture magnet hyaluronic acid, which not only infuses the skin with hydration it also limits water loss.

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