Wildsmith Compostable Cleansing Duo

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CLEANSING BALM: HOW IT WORKS - An award-winning cleansing balm effectively melts makeup away, dissolves impurities and pollutants. Precious oils and rich butters leave the skin moisturised and plumped and the complexion clear. A complex of Vitamins A, C and E offers antioxidant protection, preventing future cellular damage.                                                                             


USE IT BECAUSE - During the day, skin is exposed to environmental pollution, while a build-up of make-up and excess oils can cause congestion. The result can be dull and dehydrated skin with breakouts or premature signs of ageing.   


RADIANCE POLISHER: HOW IT WORKS - A blend of physical exfoliants including Walnut Shell Powder help to gently polish away dead skin cells. Rosehip and Cranberry powders offer vitamins and antioxidants to help improve skin texture and tone.


USE IT BECAUSE - Your skin is constantly going through a process of cell renewal, shedding dead skin cells on the surface. Without exfoliation this process slows, dead cells can block pores and skin can be left dull and dry with an uneven texture.

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