Diva Fields Cloudy Apple Juice, 5 litre fridge box

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The Story behind the Diva Fields cloudy apple juice.

Les Davies MBE, FRGS has been working with apple trees for over 50 years. He was
born and raised in the county of Somerset, where we hold the apple very close to our
heart. We are honoured that he is currently managing the Orchard at the Diva Fields.
This apple juice has been made for you from hand-picked apples, the varieties include:
Beauty of Bath, Falstaff, Discovery & Blenheim Orange. The apples have come from
two orchards in Somerset. The Diva Orchard being one of them. Neither use pesticide
or artificial fertilisers and are pollinated by resident Diva Orchard bees. These apples
are grown for you to enjoy the natural taste of apple juice.

It takes many hours of sunshine, rain and loving care to produce the apples that are
turned into this vitamin C rich drink. I think you will enjoy it, it’s a little taste of the
West Country.