English Stoneware Hand Wash

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We are delighted to share the news that our iconic Hand Wash and Lotion are now available in stunning matt glaze English Stoneware bottles. True to our sustainability and Made by Many ethos, we have partnered with one of the last remaining potteries in England, to create our refillable, 350ml Stoneware vessels. 

Made By Many 

Drawing on the skills of the artisan potters in Stoke on Trent, using techniques unchanged since the early nineteenth century, plaster moulds are made for the bespoke Wildsmith vessels and filled with liquid stoneware. The hardened cast clay is carefully removed from the mould and fettled to smooth the surfaces. The vessels then have a high first firing to harden and vitrify the clay before being glazed in the soft Wildsmith colour palette and fired a final time. 

Sustainable and Sensorial Formulations

The familiar fragrances of Linden, Chamomile and Cedarwood are captured in our Hand Wash and Lotion. The blend of natural, botanical cleansers (which are kinder to the environment) in our Hand Wash help to refresh and hydrate whilst our Hand Lotion contains Shea Butter and Cocoa Seed Butter to act as a barrier, preventing moisture loss. 

Our pump dispensers are re-useable and the Stoneware vessels can be refilled using our 1 litre aluminium bottles, meaning you can top up again and again. 

We produce in small batches to ensure our supply meets demand, avoiding excess wastage. Should you wish to recycle your English Stoneware in the future, the glazing used on the vessels does not interfere with its ability to be recycled and thus it can be returned to the very ground from which it was extracted. 

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