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A celebration of a simpler, more natural life, Fern Verrow: recipes from the farm kitchen reflects Harry Astley and Jane Scotter's passion for fresh ingredients and delicious, home-cooked food, grown and foraged from the land all year round.

Split into four chapters each named after one of Earth's Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water - which represent the seasons and the natural cycles that are so fundamental to Fern Verrow's biodynamic process.

Every recipe, from Courgettes in saffron butter to Hot peanut and lemongrass shoulder of pork and Quince upsidedown cake, has been lovingly crafted with exquisite attention to detail - not just for seasonality and flavour but also for authenticity and beauty. Throughout, special features provide practical advice on growing-your-own edible flowers, and on how to best preserve fruits and vegetables. This book is sure to become an indispensable kitchen companion.