Flower Seedlings

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We have a few easy to grow flower seedlings available. All should be planted into larger pots or straight into the ground. 

Alaska nasturtiums
A beautiful variegated leaf, with dark red flowers. Plant two or three into a 15 litre pot or straight into the ground. The plants are prolific and will flower all summer in a sunny spot. Water most days in hot weather. You can also eat both the leaves and the flowers, one of the better tasting edible flowers.

Sweet peas
All single varieties and chosen for their beauty and scent. These need to go into a 15 litre pot or larger if you have one, and will need support to allow them to grow tall. Water well and cut flowers regularly.
The more you cut the more they keep producing. 

Pin wheel. A low growing very jolly and striking marigold. Again 5 or 6 into a pot will produce flowers all summer long.
Dead head regularly. 

We cannot specify the varieties, but believe us, many hours are put into finding unusual and special varieties. These will not disappoint!
Two or three seedlings in a 15 litre pot will produce tall, floaty flowers for the season. Keep watered and deadhead often. 

Grown at Heckfield Home Farm in Hampshire.