Nodini fior di latte

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Nodini (literally “little knots”) are small knots of our fresh, artisanal mozzarella fior di latte manually intertwined by the skilful hands of our artisans. 

When consumed the same day that they are made, they will preserve that unique flavour and texture that will make you never want to go back to anything else.

The Nodini are available in 60 gram balls.  They will be prepared and packaged in bags of 3, in their own brine, where they should be kept until consumed. 

Supplied from: La Latteria, London based cheese maker that aims to bring the true experience of authentic Italian cheeses to the UK. Using the skill and artisanry of creating something delicious in front of your eyes from a most basic ingredient: milk.

"At La Latteria, we are committed to sourcing all ingredients from trusted farmers who we share our values of authenticity and genuineness, organically where possible, and to creating jobs locally by bringing Italian production knowledge and expertise to the UK."

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