Nokcha Green Tea, 30g

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A lovely, everyday green tea grown in Hwagae Valley from the summer leaves of old wild tea tree stock from Chirisan mountain. It is grown and processed by Dong Cheon for a co-operative of 88 farmers dedicated to traditional methods and natural farming who use no pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

Nokcha literally means ‘green tea’ in Korean; more specifically this is Dong Cheon’s ‘daejak’ grade, the last tea of the season made in late-May to June. Although this is a rustic tea both in taste and appearance it is often a firm favourite among customers when we make it in our green tea tasting, even against teas many times the price. It has an addictive, biscuit-like flavour and a bright vegetal sweetness reminiscent of sweetcorn. It is best brewed with water that has been allowed to cool to 75-80°C and a teaspoon of tea per cup.

Note: When these leaves are processed a month earlier they make our Sparrow’s Tongue and Korean Black.

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88 Small Farmers, Dong Cheon, Hwagae Valley, Korea


0.5 acres (average)


Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, semi-wild Hadong cultivars. Pan-fired. Sejak grade – Harvested last week of May 2018.


75°C, 3-4g per 150ml. 3 infusions.

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