Sardina Pilchardus 130g

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'Taste' Sardines (2020) gill-net caught in extra virgin manzanilla olive oil, 10-15 pcs. Net weight 130g, drained weight 110g.

Our “royale” sardines are fished using purse-seine nets - this method is the most common way to catch this particular fish, belonging to the herring family. They were placed in our tins on the 12th and 13th of March 2018. These less fatty, smaller sardines have been ripened to perfection in their specially selected Spanish olive oil ever since, helped along by floral notes and an extra virgin component. They are characterised by the firm bite of their meat and singular taste.

Our new “royale” boast the highest level of quality control - a paper seal can be found in each tin with the number of the woman who packed the sardines by hand in Calvados, Galicia.

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