Stillness Body Oil 150ml

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Promotes a sense of calm and serenity in body and mind. The skin is left soft, smooth and nourished. Skin barrier is respected, reinforced, strengthened and protected. The combination of vitamin rich omega botanical oils and essential oils work seamlessly together for skin integrity and protection with a powerful cascade of anti-oxidants to protect skin cells and tissue from daily environmental aggressors.

HOW IT WORKS - A deeply nourishing, hydrating and skin reparative body oil formulated with Wildsmith Omega nutrition for the body, and infused with a blend of essential oils with herbal, fruity and floral bouquets chosen specially to calm, quiet and soothe the mind, relinquish stress and aid in a restful nights’ sleep.

USE IT BECAUSE - Your skin feels dry, parched, dehydrated and thirsty, skin texture feels rough to the touch, you feel stressed and anxious or if you have trouble winding down form a busy day and need calm and peace.

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