Sugared Bronte Pistachio Dragées

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Traditionally, the edible seeds of the Pistacea vera, the pistachio - a flowering shrub in the cashew family - were graded into three qualities: gentle or Sicilian pistachios, large, green and highly prized, especially those from Bronte on the Isle of Sicily; smaller but delicately flavoured Tunis pistachios from North Africa; and finally, Levant pistachios from Izmir on Turkey's Aegean coast, very large but with a less delicate flavour. Pietro Romanengo Confectionery uses only selected pistachios from Bronte and coats the whole nut individually with pure sugar syrup to enhance their taste and aroma. This traditional specialty hails directly from the ancient material culture of Eastern peoples who knew how to preserve parts of flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and plants with sugar. During the Middle Ages in Europe, these sweets known as "chamber spices" were exchanged as highly regarded gifts, particularly to ingratiate judges, hence the old saying: "Non deliberatur donec solvetur species"


Sugar, Pistachios, Thickening agent: acacia gum, Corn starch, Natural flavourings, Colouring agents: E133, E160a, May contain traces of other nuts

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